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View Your Camera
on the Go

Our CamGuardian app gives you home or business monitoring in the palm of your hand, wherever you are, whenever it's convenient for you, in real-time.

Setup in Seconds

Setup has never been easier. Just download CamGuardian app, scan the QR code on device and start remote monitoring in no time.

A Time-lapsed Playback

Easy access to a time-lapsed playback at any time. You can select any specific date and time to start playing your stored video instantly.

Save Your Videos and Photos

See something funny or important in Live View? Simply tap a button to capture videos or photos. You can view them in CamGuardian app anytime you want.

Keep Track of the Everyday

Whenever an event is detected, a photo and a short video clip will be sent. Scroll back in time to view the history. You will never miss an important moment.

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