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Welcome to a new generation of keyless

  • Fingerprint
  • Touch keypad
  • Code capacity
  • Key
  • RealKeyless

  • Ultraloq UL3

  • 95
  • Traditional Keyless

    • Yale

    • 250
    • Schlage

    • 19
    • Kwikset

    • 2


Fingerprint and Touchscreen Lever Door Lock UL3

MSRP: $269.99
Limited Offer

Ultraloq UL3

MSRP: $269.99$199.99 BUY NOW
Lose or forget your key again?
Your renters or employees leave without returning the key?
What if someone visits when you are away?
Need higher security level for sensitive doors?
Ultraloq UL3 smart lever lock is designed to be "Real Keyless". You are free to use fingerprint, code or key to unlock. You have full control of all guests’ access and you can simply share a code to let visitors in when you are not there.


Solid and resistant.
Weatherproof for both exterior and interior doors.

Choose world
best chip provider.

Designed for DIY installation.

Battery operated. No wiring.
In about 10 minutes, you are ready to go.

Sleek and modern, or classical and elegant? This is where technology meets style.

Keep kids away from where gun is stored and protect your valuables in your home office, wine cellar or storage room.

Customer Uses Cases and Reviews

  • Good looking device,seems to be solidly build. Fairly easy to program, including fingerprint scanner. Did not have any problems to recognize fingerprints of 3 people that tried it.

    K. Novoselov

  • We installed this lock on our laundry room to garage,I quite like it. The build quality is top notch. The materials are substantial and you can feel the quality every time you touch the handles or keypad.

    Heather A

  • I owned four different biometric locks over ten years period and I’m very impress by this lock. I’m very happy with this product. I’m looking forward to the Blue Tooth version of this when it is released.

    H. Dinh

  • The total package was 100% awesome. My 14 years kid kept losing key. We went through 4 copies and I worried about those missing keys. Now she uses her code to get in. I also set yougest child up for fingerprint and he really loves it.

    Leonidas Argyropoulos

  • If you have a garage with a normal fireproof door that allows you to enter your home like I do, you will appreciate the unit. I usually have both hands full as I approach the door,for so I truly recommend it.


How to choose my Ultraloq?

  • $000.00 BUY NOW
  • Advanced Fingerprint Identification
  • Anti-peep Touchscreen
  • Hidden Backup Key
  • Intuitive OLED Diplay
  • Up to 1 Year Battery Life
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Weatherproof
  • Sense On
  • Reversible Handle
  • Smartphone Control
  • Click to Unlock
  • Knock to Open
  • View Users
  • View Logs

Optional Accessories

  • Want to replace your deadbolt? Use this.

    Ultraloq Deadbolt Cover Plate

    Covers up holes left by previous deadbolt
  • Got a thick door? No worries.

    Ultraloq Thick Door Kit

    For Thicker Doors Between 2" to 2-3/4"

What’s in the box

  • Exterior Assembly
  • Interior Assembly
  • Interior Mounting Plate
  • Handle
  • Manuals
  • Latch
  • AA Battery
  • Backup Key
  • Accessories
  • Screwdriver
  •   2.7 inch
    (68 mm)
    7 inch (178 mm)
      6.3 inch (160 mm)
  • 1.5 inch
    (38 mm)
    3.5 inch (89 mm)
  •   2.7 inch
    (68 mm)
    6.3 inch (160 mm)
  •   1.3 inch
    (34 mm)
    3.5 inch (89 mm)


  • Model
  • Sensor
  • Sensor Wake Up Mode
  • Scan Area
  • Resolution
  • Fingerprint Capacity
  • Code Capacity
  • Identification Mode
  • Identification Time
  • FRR (False Rejection Rate)
  • FAR (False Acceptance Rate)
  • Finish
  • Case Material
  • Working Voltage
  • Working Temperature
  • Reversible Handle
  • Dimension
  • Weight
  • Ultraloq UL3
  • Optical fingerprint sensor
  • Touch
  • 0.9 x 0.7 inch
  • 500 DPI
  • 95
  • 95
  • Fingerprint, code
  • <0.5 Sec
  • 0.001%
  • 0.00001%
  • Satin Nickel, aged Bronze, bright Brass
  • Strong zinc alloy
  • 4.5V (3 x AA batteries included)
  • Outside lock body: -31°F (-35°C) to 158°F (70°C)
  • Inside lock body: 14°F (-10°C) to 131°F (55°C)
  • Yes
  • 3.5 x 6.3 x 7 inch (front panel)
  • 3.3 x 6.3 x 7 inch (back panel)
  • 5.5 pounds
  • 30

    money back guarantee
  • 18

    electronic warranty
  • Free

    US shipping
    over $99


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