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My app doesn't connect to Ultraloq UL1 / Combo via Bluetooth.

37 09/11/2018

How to do?

Step 1. Install the latest U-tec App from App Store and Google Play. Please avoid download Ultraloq App.

Step 2. Open the Bluetooth of the smartphone, and disconnect the Bluetooth connection with other devices.

Step3. Make sure UL1 is factory default. Use a paperclip to pin the Reset hole for 5 seconds .
How to Reset UL1?

Step 4. Sign up and Sign in your U-tec Account.

Step 5. Press "Add Device Ultraloq UL1", then press "Scan for Ultraloq" button.

Step 6. Choose this device, then press "OK"


1. If U-tec App shows UL1 has been registered by the other U-tec account, please have to remove the lock from this U-tec Account. If you don't know this bound account, you can contact support@u-tec.com with your lock's receipt, serial number, MAC address and the screenshot of App.

2. If there are "Time Out" message or other problems, please to
Step 1. Reinstall all batteries of UL1to reboot UL1.

Step 2. Restart the smartphone to reboot its Bluetooth.

Step 3. Operate within 10ft.

Step 4. Try to use another smartphone to connect the lock.


3. If App shows "Please reset your lock to factory default..." error even if you have done the reset operation multiple times, please to

Step 1. Uninstall the inside assembly.

Step 2. Re-connect the connector.

Step 3. Check the cable is not damaged.