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Can Ultraloq Smart Lock be installed on My Door?

04 01/26/2021

Please confirm the door dimensions before the installation.

These articles and videos cover the Dimensions and Installation Guide of the following Ultraloq models:

> Ultraloq UL3/UL3-BT            

 Installation Video

> Ultraloq U-Bolt/U-Bolt Pro     

 Installation Video

> Ultraloq Lever                      

 Installation Video

> Ultraloq UL1/Combo             

 Installation Video

> Ultraloq UL300

  • Ultraloq Bridge: Ultraloq Smart Lock is the Bluetooth lock, you can use the U-tec App to connect the lock via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connection distance is around 10ft. If you need to activate the remote control feature, please must use Ultraloq Bridge. The Bridge is an adapter between the Bluetooth and Wifi.
  • One Ultraloq Bridge is needed for each Ultraloq for best performance and stability.
  • Currently, Ultraloq Bridge can work with Google AssistanceAlexaIFTTT

If Ultraloq Lever Covers the DeadBolt Hole Incompletely, how to fix it?

Ultraloq Lever is designed for single-hole doors, doors without a deadbolt. If your door has the deadbolt hole, please check the requirement of the dimension.

> Minimum distance between A-C has to be 5.5''/140mm.

> If A-C distance is 5.5'', the distance between A-B can be maximum 1.4''/36mm to properly fit.

If the dimension is not adaptive, there are two solutions:

> Swap - install Ultraloq Lever on the top hole and put the existing deadbolt on the lower hole. 

> The DeadBolt Cover Plate is only works with UL3 model, and it does not competatible with Ultraloq Lever.


If UL3/UL3-BT Covers the DeadBolt Hole Incompletely, how to fix it?

Although Ultraloq UL3/UL3-BT is a latch lock, according to our customer survey, more than 50% install UL3/UL3-BT on their front door.  

If you install an Ultraloq UL3/UL3-BT in the Front Door or Exterior Door which has the deadbolt hole, it will affect the deadbolt installation and can’t cover the deadbolt completely. The following solutions will help you.

> Swap - install Ultraloq UL3/UL3-BT on the top hole and put the existing deadbolt on the lower hole.

> Using the Ultraloq UL3/UL3-BT Deadbolt Cover Plate.

Note: This plate is only adaptive for the Ultraloq UL3/UL3-BT and please DON'T use it for the other models.