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Trouble Connecting to Ultraloq Smart Lock

12 03/20/2020

If you are having trouble connecting to your Ultraloq Smart Lock using the U-tec App, select the following topics for troubleshooting.

> Can't Scan the Device

> Admin Code Error

> Standalone Mode Error

> Time Out Error

> Registered Error

If you are using the Bridge and meet the problem with the connection, please refer this article:

I can't find the lock device on the U-tec App while scan, how to fix?

>> Confirm select the correct model.

>> Stand near the lock's interior assembly, within around 3ft.

>> Allow all permissions on the Settings of your smartphone, include Location (Always), Bluetooth, Camera, Notification, etc.

>> Remove and plug in the lock's batteries then wait for 2 minutes to reboot lock.

>> Confirm the smartphone is not connecting to the other Bluetooth devices, for example, App Watch, Headphones,etc.

>> Turn off and turn on your smartphone.

>> Uninstall the U-tec App and re-install the latest version U-tec App.



I can scan the lock and enter the admin code, but the App shows "Admin code error" message, how to fix?

>> Please check if the code is 4-8 digit. 

>> If you are using Ultraloq UL3-BT and have set up the admin code by the keypad, please confirm if this code is the admin code or normal user code.

>> Turn off and turn on the U-tec App to check if the lock has been added already.

>> If still can't work it out, please reset the Ultraloq to the factory default.



I can find the lock while searching and enter the admin code, but the App shows "The lock is working as the Standalone Mode. Please follow the guide to reset the lock to factory default.", how to fix?

Ultraloq Smart Lock has two working modes, App Mode and Standalone Mode. App Mode (Recommended), Ultraloq can be operated on U-tec App. Standalone Mode, Ultraloq can be operated without a smartphone, but Limited functions. Please make sure the lock is factory default mode, them use the U-tec App to pair the lock.



I can find the lock while searching, then enter the admin code and upload the picture, then App loading a long time (about 30 seconds), and showing “Time out, please try again!'' or "Lock connection failed" error, how to fix?

Step 1. Turn off and turn on your smartphone.

Step 2. Remove the lock's batteries and re-install the batteries to reboot the lock.

Step 3. Don't upload the picture and only enter the door's name.

Step 4. Confirm the phone's internet is good.

Step 5. Make sure your smartphone is not connecting to the other Bluetooth devices, for example, App Watch, Headphones.



I can find the lock while searching, but the App showing this device "Registered", how to fix?

It means you have added this lock to your account. Please follow follow the article to remove the lock from your U-tec App.


If still can't pair the lock to the U-tec App, please take the below information to contact Technical Support: support@u-tec.com

1. Your U-tec Account. It's the email address when you log in the App.

2. The model and system version of your smartphone.

3. The lock's serial number. It's a 16 digit number, 8030...

4. Some screenshots of the error page on the U-tec App.