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If Ultraloq Smart Lock Covers the DeadBolt Hole incompletely, how to fix?

10 03/03/2020

If Ultraloq Smart Locks covers the deadbolt hole incompletely, this article covers the following models and provides possible scenarios

> Ultraloq UL3/UL3-BT/UL3-BT(2nd Gen)

> Ultraloq Lever



Ultraloq UL3/UL3-BT/UL3-BT(2nd Gen)

If you install an Ultraloq UL3/UL3-BT/UL3-BT(2nd Gen) in the Front Door or Exterior Door which has the deadbolt hole, it will affect the deadbolt installation and can’t cover the deadbolt completely. The following solutions will help you.

> Swap - install Ultraloq UL3/UL3-BT/UL3-BT(2nd Gen) on the top hole and put the existing deadbolt on the lower hole.

> Using the  Ultraloq UL3/UL3-BT/UL3-BT(2nd Gen) DeadBolt Cover Plate. 

Note: This plate is only adaptive for the Ultraloq UL3/UL3-BT/UL3-BT(2nd Gen) and please DON'T use it for the other models.



Ultraloq Lever

Ultraloq Lever is designed for single-hole doors, doors without a deadbolt. If your door has the deadbolt hole, please check the requirement of the dimension.

> Minimum distance between A-C has to be 5.5''/140mm.

> If A-C distance is 5.5'', the distance between A-B can be maximum 1.4''/36mm to properly fit.

If the dimension is not adaptive, there are two solutions:

> Swap - install Ultraloq Lever on the top hole and put the existing deadbolt on the lower hole. 
> If there is not existing deadbolt, recommend using the DeadBolt Cover Plate to cover this hole.