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How to solve the Jamming issue for U-Bolt/U-Bolt Pro?

30 07/22/2019

If you can rotate the knob to lock/unlock manually, but meet the below problems, it's related to the installation mostly.

1. The app shows the "Jamming" error.

2. U-Bolt/U-Bolt Pro is unlocked, but App shows "locked". The status of the App opposites to the actual direction.

3. The deadlatch (bolt) can't move all the way.

4. U-Bolt/U-Bolt Pro repeat lock and unlock by itself, and the batteries are drained quickly.


Step 1. Please check the depth of the frame's hole, it must be more than 1''.

Step 2. Change 4 pieces of brand new alkaline batteries.

Step 3. Upgrade the lock's firmware to V1.37 and above. Please go to U-tec App > Setting > Firmware. 

Step 4. Calibrate the U-Bolt/U-Bolt Pro lock's direction. Please follow this FAQ to do.

Please note, Step 5 and Step 6 are very important. Please must double-check.

Step 5. Confirm left 1-2 pieces out of the mounting plate. If it's too long, the pressure between the inside body and the outside body will be bigger than the normal. So the motor works the overload.

Step 6. Make sure the tailpiece of the cylinder is in the middle of the round hole of the mounting plate. Otherwise, the tailpiece will rub the wall of the round hole, the motor works overload. Please loose two screws of the mounting plate, and adjust its position.




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