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How to Solve the Jamming Issue for U-Bolt/U-Bolt Pro?

30 07/22/2019

Installation errors can lead to mechanical issues over time. This article provides troubleshooting steps that should resolve most mechanical issues.


Related Problems:

1. The U-tec App shows the "Deadbolt is jammed" error.

2. The U-tec App opposites to the actual direction. Ultraloq U-Bolt/U-Bolt Pro is unlocked, but App shows "locked".

3. The deadlatch (bolt) can't move all the way.

4. U-Bolt/U-Bolt Pro repeat lock and unlock by itself, and drain battery quickly.


You can follow this video to do some troubleshooting steps.


Related Article:

How to Install Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro / U-Bolt?




If you are meeting the problems, please follow the Installation Guide to re-install the whole lock.

>Please do not insert the mechanical key during installation.

> Please check the depth of the frame's hole, it must be more than 1''. For the Latch/Lever/Handle lock, the frame's hole is usually less then 1'', please drill the hole.

> Loosen the screws on the Mounting Plate (Screws D) and the Deadbolt (Screws C). Over-tightening the screws during installation may result in a clicking noise coming from the lock, or even failure to operate with the App/Keypad/Fingerprint.

> Lefting 2 pieces of the tailpiece out of the mounting plate. If the tailpiece is too long, the motor is overload.

> Make sure the tailpiece is in the middle of the round hole. Otherwise, the tailpiece will rub the wall of the round hole, the motor works overload. Please loose two screws of the mounting plate, and adjust its position.

Please make sure that the cylinder tailpiece is Horizontal when you were installing.

Please check the initial install position of the knob as per the following picture.

> Adjust the wire placement to avoid rubbing the tailpieces of the cylinder.

Calibrate the U-Bolt/U-Bolt Pro lock's direction. 



If the batteries in your Smart Lock are running low, please change the brand new alkaline batteries. You can refer this article to learn the Low Battery alarm.



Upgrade the lock's firmware to V1.50 or above. U-tec App > Setting > Firmware. Please make sure under Bluetooth connection to do the Firmware Upgrade.