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How to fix Bridge's Ble signal failure?

30 07/22/2019

When you can't connect Bridge remotely, please go to U-Tec App > Settings > Paired Bridge. If the Ble signal is failure or poor, please follow the below steps to do.

Step 1. Turn off and turn on the lock by remove and install the battery.

Step 2. Unplug and plug the Bridge.

Step 3. Check Bridge is within 10 ft to the lock.

Step 4. Make sure no objects and wall between Bridge and lock.

Step 5. Confirm the Bridge's indicator and lock's interior assembly are line of sight.

If above operations don't work, please follow the below steps set up the Bridge again.

Step 1. Go to App > Settings > Paired Bridge > Delete.

Step 2. Press the Bridge Wifi icon with some pressure for more than 10 seconds.

Step 3. Follow the video to pair the Bridge to the lock again.

For more troubleshooting, you can email support@u-tec.com directly with your U-tec Account (the email address when you login the U-tec App).