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How to Set Up Smart Notification for Ultraloq Smart Lock?

19 05/08/2019

Smart Notification is sent instant alerts and let you know about the activity of your Ultraloq Smart Lock.

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 This article covers the following topics:

> What's the Smart Notification?

> How to create the Smart Notification?

> How to modify and Delete the Smart Notification?

> How to authorize the other users to receive the Smart Notification?

> Troubleshooting for Smart Notification 



What's the Smart Notification?

Smart Notification is pushing a notification on your phone when the Ultraloq Smart Lock unlock/lock. You can set the schedule time period for all alerts. The Smart Notification options currently include specific user operations, manual unlock/lock, and Auto Lock notifications.

Users can select from three Smart Notifications:

This door is locked or unlocked by a specific user

This alert notifies you when a specified users operates the Ultraloq Smart Lock. This includes unlock/lock the Ultraloq Smart Lock using the fingerprint, code, key fob, U-tec App or Auto Unlock.

This door is locked or unlocked manually

This alert notifies you when someone operates the Ultraloq Smart Lock manually by rotating the knob or using a key.

This door is Auto Locked

This alert notifies you when your Ultraloq Smart Lock Auto Locks. Please refer this article to set up the Auto Lock.



How to create a Smart Notification?

You can set up the Smart Notification on the U-tec App anywhere and anytime.


> Have added the Ultraloq Smart Lock to your U-tec App

> Ultraloq Bridge is required for fingerprint/code/keyfob/knob unlock/lock.

To Create a Smart Notification:

Step 1. Open the U-tec App and select the lock.

Step 2. Click the Settings menu (gear icon).

Step 3. Scroll to Smart Notification then click it.


Step 5. Choose an event to set up the notification.

Step 6. After creating the notification, click the Back button.



How to modify and Delete the Smart Notification?

You can modify and delete the Smart Notification on the U-tec App anywhere and anytime.

Step 1. Select the notification which you created.

Step 2. Choose Time or Delete.

Step 3. Adjust the schedule time and click Done.

Step 4. Click SAVE.




How to authorize the other users to receive the Smart Notification?

For the Owner of the lock, you can receive the Smart Notifications when the event is activated.

For the other users with App Access authorization, the admin can share the receiving Smart Notification function to these users. Please can set this authorization when you create the users or edit the authorization after creating users. If this user does not have the App access function, Receiving Smart Notification function is not available either.

Please refer the attached picture to learn where to enable/diable this authorization.




Troubleshooting for Smart Notification

> Not Receiving Smart Notification

If you can't receive any notifications from anywhere and anytime, please follow the steps below to check:

Step 1. Confirm you have allowed the Notifications Permission for the U-tec App on your smartphone. Please go to the Settings of the smartphone to check. To access all functions of the U-tec App, Ultraloq recommend allowing all permissions on the mobile.

Step 2. Please check if you create the notification for the specific user and schedule the correct time period. You can follow the above part of this article to set.

Step 3. Make sure your smartphone has the good 4G/LTE/5G/Wifi internet connection.

Step 4. Restart your smartphone.

Step 5. Power cycle your lock by removing and reinserting one of the batteries. If the battery low, please replace the brand new batteries.


> Receiving the Smart Notification when I unlock/lock via the U-tec App, but not getting the notification when I using the fingerprint/code/keyfob.

Ultraloq Bridge must keeps connecting. For the fingerprint/code/keyfob unlock/lock, the notifications need to upload from the lock to the cloud, then be sent to your U-tec App via Ultraloq Bridge. When you are using the U-tec App to unlock/lock and Auto Unlock directly, the notification will be pushed to the cloud via App, so that's why you can only get the notification of the App lock/unlock.

If you don't have the Bridge, please order the Ultraloq Bridge and pair Bridge to your lock.

If you have paired Bridge to your lock, please refer this article to check the Bridge's connection.


> How to create the Smart Notifications for multiple users?

This function will be available in future. Now, you must create the notifications through multiple times for different users.  


> Wrong operation of schedule for Smart Notification

Some users misunderstand the scheduled time setting. Blue color means you select this date. There is a example to help you understand this operation.

The first scheduled time is 8 AM to 2 PM, Monday and Friday.

The second scheduled time is 8 AM to 2 PM, Monday to Friday.