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How to set up Alexa with Ultraloq?

19 05/06/2019

Required hardware:

1. Ultraloq Smart Lock, include UL1, UL3-BT,UL3-BT(2nd Gen) Combo, U-Bolt, U-Bolt Pro, UL300.

2. Ultraloq Bridge.

3. Alexa devices.


Required App:

1. U-tec App

2. Alexa App


Here is the video instruction about how to set up Alexa with your Ultraloq.



How to set up?

Before set up, please make sure your lock has been paired with Ultraloq Bridge.

How to set up Ultraloq bridge.


Step 1. Install Alexa App from the below link.


Step 2. Sign up and sign in your Alexa Account.        

Step 3. Open Alexa App, tap the red cycled part to find skills.


Step 4. Tap Skills&Games, and search U-tec, then choose U-tec Smart Home.


Step 5. Tap “ENABLE TO USE”, open the link with your browser, and log in your U-tec account.


Step 6. Tap ”AUTHORIZE”, the U-tec Smart home will be linked successfully.



After set up, if you still cannot use Alexa to lock/unlock your Ultraloq products, please go to your U-tec app, tap Users, tap Owner, tap password and input your password again.