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After replacing the new batteries, but get the "Low Battery" message

19 05/06/2019

If you replace the new batteries and still get the message "Low Battery", why?

Normally the brand new batteries support maximum 8000 unlock. But if you usually connect the Bluetooth, it will drain much power. It's the problem for most Bluetooth devices, especial for the device with the AA battery.

Ultraloq test the voltage to calculate the quantity of electricity for the AA alkaline battery. And the different temperature, load, brand, and others will all affect the accuracy of the calculation. 

This is the characteristic curve of the original AA alkaline battery. It's tested by a 3 Ohm loading. Ultraloq define that more than 1.45V is high, 1.35V to 1.45V is medium, 1.25V to 1.35V is low.



The most important, if the lock shows the "Low Battery", please do the below troubleshooting.

(1) Restart Ultrtaloq to check the status of the battery again. It will avoid most wrong alarm.

     Press Restart Button one second.


(2) Try to use the good AA alkaline battery. Don't use the batteries from different brands or manufacturers.

(3) Avoid the Bluetooth connection for a long time. Please close the App when you need not connect Ultraloq.

(4) Please avoid any water or snow in the Internal Assembly of Ultraloq, because only outside assembly has waterproof, inside assembly does not.