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If you are using Ultraloq App, how to transfer to U-tec App?

46 11/15/2018

Step 1. Install U-tec App. Please search keywords "U-tec" to install U-tec App in App Store or Google Play.

Step 2. Log in U-tec App by your U-tec Account. You don't need to register a new U-tec Account again.

Step 3. Add UL3-BT to your U-tec Account by U-tec App. You don't need reset UL3-BT as factory default. The old admin code of the lock does still work.

Step 4. Begin to enjoy UL3-BT by U-tec App.


1. Please have to add UL3-BT manually by U-tec App. U-tec App can't sync the device list automatically.

2. Once set up UL3-BT in U-tec App successfully, all photos and names uploaded before will clear.

3. Except for the photos and names, all other data (User ID, fingerprints, codes) and logs will be synced automatically to U-tec App.

4. For Ultraloq App, UL3-BT allow multiple U-tec Accounts are registered as admin. For U-tec App, only one U-tec Account has admin right. It's a secure update.

5. If you want to use Backup and Clone features in U-tec App, you have to Backup the data again before Clone. U-tec App can't access the old backup data.