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Benefits of a Deadbolt

A deadbolt is a locking mechanism distinct from a spring bolt lock; the main difference is that a deadbolt cannot be turned to the open position except by rotating a knob or key, this means that adding a Deadbolt to your door will give you an extra layer of security.


Some of the benefits you will get while using a Deadbolts are:

- They have a stronger design than a standard door lever.

- Using physical force to open is almost an impossible task.

- It is nearly impossible to break in using a crowbar or knife.

- A deadbolt requires a lot of time to break in, so the intruder will not take a chance on being caught will trying to break into your home.

In U-tec we take your safety very serious, that's why we developed U-Bolt Pro, the Ultimate 6 in 1 Smart Deadbolt where you can access in 6 different ways. With your Smartphone App, Fingerprint, Passcode, Proximity Unlock, Magic Shake and Mechanical Key.


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